Thursday, January 29, 2009

M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!

Good things happen late at night - despite what your bishop tells you!

Back in November I got a phone call late at night from Tasha. She found a great deal for airfare to Florida - the only catch was that we had one hour to buy the tickets before the sale was over. So, without much planning or even looking at our calendars, the four of us (Tasha, Nicole, Michelle and myself) bought our tickets and decided we'd plan the details later. The other perk to this trip is that Tasha's dad lives in Florida and we had a place to stay for free.

Tasha, Nicole, Michelle & I starting our vacation

We spent our first full day there at Universal Studios. I love roller-coaster rides and Universal didn't disappoint. We attempted to ride The Hulk, but after 20 minutes in line the ride was shut down, so we moved on to other rides and then came back to The Hulk. While waiting in line I had a kid behind me who kept getting a little too close for comfort. His hand kept grazing my bum and I kept giving him "the look".  I starting telling Tasha how bad he was bugging me and she jokingly kicked her leg forward towards the back of his knee cap. You know when you'd kick the back of your friends leg and make the leg buckle - well that's what she was mimicking. Well Tasha slightly misjudged the distance between us and actually nailed the kid right in the back of the knee cap. Tasha flipped around and just stared at me as I said - perhaps a little too loud: "Did you just kick that kid?" The mom looked at Tasha and I and Tasha apologized right away. Needless to say, the kid didn't bother me or my butt any longer.

Well after waiting 20 minutes in line again for The Hulk, and after the kicking incident, the ride shut down again! We were pretty pissed and headed straight for Customer Service. Tasha marched right in and explained to them what happened to us and wanted to know what they could do for us. The lady was more than helpful and apologetic and gave us 5 VIP passes on any ride of our choice.  We spent the rest of the day running onto all of the busy popular rides! It was great.

The next day we slept in and bummed around and finally got ready to go out to dinner in Downtown Disney.  We enjoyed some delicious food and then decided to catch a movie. This is the only low point of the trip. We picked 'Paul Blart, Mall Cop'. Don't ever see this movie and if you do - SUCKER! It's horrible! About ten minutes into it I kept wishing I knew how to perform a lobotomy!

On Sunday we spent the day at Disneyworld. We started out at Hollywood studios and hit Tower of Terror first - which may be one of my favorite rides! We did a few more rides, got a churro (my #1 priority), few more rides and then made the transfer to Epcot. Epcot is neat, but you only need about 3 hours there. We stopped off in London for lunch and enjoyed some Fish 'n Chips. While we enjoyed our lunch, we were preyed upon by Seagulls. It's quite bothersome to eat lunch while a bird is staring you down. Well no one got pooped on or attacked - although Michelle did body-check Tasha.
Strolling down Main St in Disneyworld

We then ended the day in Magic Kingdom, which I loved! I'm a sucker for anything classic Disney! Once of the great highlights was when we were on Thunder Mountain and as the train was climbing up the hill we got stuck. Normally it sucks to be stuck on any ride, but as we were waiting the fireworks started! To our right was a perfect view of the Cinderella's castle and the fireworks going off behind it! It couldn't have been planned better! Everyone booed when the ride started.

Our firework show on Thunder Mountain!

We finished up the park and made our long journey back to the car. We were so exhausted -covering 3 parks in one day is possible, but you are exhausted.
The next day we decided to sleep in a little and then spend the day at the beach. The weather was delightful - about 71 degrees and very few clouds in the sky. It was so nice to get out of the inversion! As we got ourselves situated, we broke out our snacks and the birds descended on us! It was straight out of Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds".

After about an hour or so Tasha and Nicole decided to document what it's like when the birds attack. I think the pictures speak for themselves.

Tasha and Nicole feeding the birds
Michelle being attacked
This is how we ended our visit! Gorgeous!

After a delightful day at the beach, we headed back home and spent the evening just lounging in the house and putting off the fact that we had to pack - we left the next day. Tuesday morning we got up and packed up our stuff and cleaned the house. Nicole even discovered a seashell in a unique location while we cleaned up . I would say where, but you wouldn't believe me so I won't even bring it up. 

We said our goodbyes to Tasha's dad and family and made our drive back to the airport. We had managed to get around Florida without too many delays, but I more than made up for that at the airport.  We were doing fine until we actually got into the airport area. I was trying to follow the signs to the car rental area, but I was also trying to navigate.  I thought I was heading in the right area when I suddenly realized I had entered the "Shuttle/Bus loading Zone".   I couldn't reverse and I didn't have a key to get through the gate. We buzzed the lady at the gate and I had to explain to her what happened and that I needed to get out and get back to the car rental area. She let us through and told us to go straight, through one more gate, make a left and then we'd be back at the lane for car rentals. I drove through, got to the next gate and then wondered if I needed another key to get through this gate. I didn't dare chance it so I got behind a van and decided to try and sneak through with him. As I'm going behind him, the gate starts coming down, so I gun it and the Tasha, Nicole & Michelle scream. We also all ducked - thinking the gate would somehow come through the car and get us. We made it through, miraculously, but we were then in the middle of several large shuttles. I got back on the right road and we finally got the correct exit this time.  We returned the car and started the trip home.

I still wish I was in Florida! I'm ready for warm weather!