Monday, September 8, 2008


Humidity, Ice cream, lots of laughs, immodestly dressed little girls, Stephen and his love of David Archuleta, tons of driving, gorgeous scenery and good times. What do all of these items have in common - they all took place on my visit to Ohio for Labor Day weekend and probably one of the funniest and greatest weekends I've experienced in a long time.  We arrived in Ohio Thursday afternoon and went to dinner that night w/ Kristin's friends. We love Kristin, she's awesome - I only wish I could say the same for a few of her friends. We meet King of the D-Bags that night! Who, in a matter of two hours, insulted the state of Utah, tried to convince a girl to show her tatoo (which would have involved some removing of her shirt) because "he's a second year med student and it's ok", discussed politics at dinner (a huge no-no when meeting people for the first time), tried to sound smart using big words but it kept backfiring and lastly - majorly offending me, Kacey and Kristin w/ a gross joke regarding the female anatomy (it takes a lot to offend the three of us). But after all that nonsense, the fun began!

Friday we headed for Cedar Point and Kristin brought her friend Stephen (who we absolutley adore) and spent the entire day at Cedar Point. I got a little car sick on the way there which caused me to sit out a few rides, but other than that, the day was a blast. I couldn't help but feel old though while I was at the park. There were so many girls there wearing just bikini tops and small shorts - so small and revealing that I got the pee shivers several times just looking at these girls. Kacey and I were like two old ladies sitting on a porch discussing what's wrong with the youth of today.  Oh - and we saw several Amish kids with cell phones and digital cameras.

The next day was a busy one. We headed of to Canton, Ohio and spent the morning at the NFL Hall of Fame. Kacey was in heaven and we had to wipe the drool of her chin several times.  It was really neat and we had a lot of fun. We then headed over to Cleveland for the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame. This was my favorite part! I love music and I love the history and story behind bands. We spent several hours there and then I spent tons of money in the gift shop.

The next day we headed into Cincinnati to watch the infamous Labor Day fireworks. I had a friend tell me about these fireworks, so we did some researching and then headed out there. We ended up at a park and had a great view of the Ohio river and the bridge where the fireworks are let off. They were phenomenal! I had no idea what we were in for and I wasn't disappointed. They lasted about 45 minutes and they had parachuters coming down from the sky with lights on their packs so they looked like falling stars. They had shapes, words - it was just amazing!

Monday, our last day, we just hung out, did some last minute shopping and then said our goodbyes. I had a fantastic time in Ohio and would love to visit again.

The only downside to the trip was a brief experience I had with an airport security personnel. As Kacey and I were going through security, I had to show my drivers license to one of the security people. He looked my license, at me, back to the license and then back at me again. He then said: "This picture right here, this one - this is the best you'll ever look." I wish I was kidding -but I'm not. I know I've had better days, but seriously?! Who says that!?!