Monday, December 1, 2008


After seeing NKOTB I wasn’t sure if any other concert would be able to surpass them in performance and talent, but alas, I was wrong.Two weekends ago I went to see Coldplay with my friend Tasha. The concert was amazing! Probably the best concert I’ve ever been too. I never pegged Coldplay for an entertaining band, but they blew me away. Chris Martin (who has the most gorgeous curly hair) was so entertaining and ran all over the stage dancing and singing (of course) and getting the crowd pumped up. The rest of the band was equally entertaining, but the drummer, Will, was a second personal favorite. He’s cute and insanely talented – he played at least 5 different instruments throughout the show. The band kept the energy up the entire time and got the crowd involved as well. Tasha and I attempted to sit down once or twice, but the show was so energetic that you wanted to be up dancing and singing along.

The stage design itself was amazing. The back drop was a huge screen that had different images of revolutionary type artwork being displayed, or close-ups of the band. They also had several large white balls hanging from the ceiling that had various images projected on them. There were two additional screens further up by the ceiling that were showing the concert and I was actually watching the screen more then the band at times. The way they filmed the concert was amazing. I have a feeling a DVD of this tour will be coming out soon.

During the song Lover’s In Japan (a personal favorite) they released thousands of paper butterflies into the audience. It was quite a beautiful sight and I was a little sad that I wasn’t closer to stage to be apart of the falling butterflies. At one point during the show the band ran off stage and then ran up into the audience and played a couple of songs up there. Our friends Loren, Steve & Catchpole were in this section and were only five rows away from the band! I’m a little jealous!
Coldplay singing in the crowd
Lover's In Japan - millions of paper butterflies!

One thing that impressed me was how polite and humble they were. Chris Martin thanked everyone for coming out and giving up a busy evening to come see them perform. The band really appeared to be excited to be performing for us – something I think some bands neglect to show.

I’ve always been a fan of Coldplay, but now seeing them live I’m bordering on obsessed! Only David Gray and Dave Matthews have been able to capture my attention that way.
It was an amazing evening!

A huge thanks to Loren, Scott and Melanie who sent me their pictures from the concert!