Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dress for Success

Ever have a case of the "Mondays"? A few days ago I was getting ready for work and the shirt I wanted to wear was a bit wrinkly. Normally I iron 90% of my wardrobe (despite my roommates mocking me), but this morning I was running short on time. It was a sweater so it was pretty thick and didn't need a lot of ironing. I sprayed the shirt with the water bottle and tossed it in the dryer while I finished getting ready. On my way out the door I grabbed the sweater and went to work. I got to work and started my chaotic hours of meetings.  Lately majority of my days consist of me in meetings five out of the eight hours I'm there and it's not uncommon for me to be in one meeting room for about three hours in a row - but I'm usually in front of people writing on the board or helping with discussions.

Around noon my first break came and I went to my desk to check on a few things and while I'm there my boss stopped by to ask me a question and we made our way to a filing cabinet to search for some papers. As we head over I straighten my sweater but notice that it won't straighten or lay flat. I keep tugging at it thinking it will eventually smooth out and I curse myself for not ironing my sweater. As we're talking and I'm fidgeting I realize that this crease or wrinkle is more of a bump. I'm facing my boss and we're talking but I'm completely consumed by the issue with my sweater. I keep playing with it and sneak my hand under the bottom hem of my sweater to see if I can find the cause for this lump. I finally find the lump and realize that a sock has been wadded up in a ball in my sweater this entire time. Normally you'd just leave the sock alone and take care of it at a later time, but I felt some need to keep reaching for it and remove it. I slowly start pulling it out and I'm pretty sure that I'm being super sneaky and discreet about this - there's no way my boss is aware of what's going on. Just as I pull the sock out my boss looks down at my hand, doesn't say a word, but gives me a look that seems to say "Do you really have a sock in your hand that you just pulled out from your sweater - WHILE we're talking?" I just tuck the sock into my pocket, finish the conversation and run back to my desk. I'm embarrassed, but worse things have happened.  But then I think about my day and how I've been in front of people for about four or so hours with this odd bulge from the side of my stomach. Granted I'm not super skinny and most people probably just thought it was a fat roll or that I carry my weight oddly, but it still made me think how many people saw this bulge and didn't say anything.  I'm back at my desk and I throw the sock in my purse and go about my day.  Later that night I went to meet an old friend for dinner and through our conversation I brought up the fact that I'm the proud owner of Bose noise canceling headphones (I highly recommend these to anyone and everyone). I reach into my purse to pull out the headphone case and along with it pops out my brown sock from earlier today and lands on the table right in between us. My friend stared at me and the sock and just chuckled and asked me if I was going bowling later. I just laughed and shoved it in my purse and chose to ignore the question.

Here's what I've learned: When I dress in the morning I make sure to check myself over for any odd bumps, lumps, socks or anything else that could get stuck to me.   So far I've made it out the door these past few days with little or no issues - except the time my juice exploded on my white sweater right as I pulled into work and started another day of marathon meetings with a bright red spot on my sleeve and my hands stained red.  Someone asked me if I had murdered someone and another person just scooted away from me. I just laughed and thought "Ah, another awesome day!"