Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Teenage Mutant Ninja Killer Godzilla Moth

Extraordinary things can happen in normal settings, they may be evil, but still extraordinary.

My friend Emily was sitting at work the other day, just minding her own business when she saw something large fly right at her. It was so big and came at her so fast, she didn't have a chance to get a good look at it. Was it a bird? Godzilla with wings? Whatever it was, it was now attacking her head. The monster kept darting in and out and eventually Emily was able to get a look at what was attacking her. It was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Killer Godzilla Moth! Only has National Geographic ever seen a moth of this size. Emily began screaming and trying to knock down the beast, but nothing could be done about it. After several seconds (which felt more like minutes), Emily was able to get the beast away from her.

She looked around and could see no sign of it. She tried going back to work, but couldn't get the image of the attack out of her head. She was itching all over now and couldn't focus on anything.

A few minutes later, Emily heard a soft hum. She looked up, coudln't see anything, and went back to work. The humming grew louder - like the sound of fighter planes circling an area before they strike an attack. As Emily looked up, the moth was flying straight at her and did a nose dive. Was this moth a kamakazi pilot, was he going to nosedive to his death?
He swooped down and landed in her shoe; which was dangling from her foot. This nearly pushed Emily over the edge. It was like she was in The Birds, but instead of birds, she was being attacked by blood thirsty moths. She jumped up and her co-worker came over to see what was going on. They attempted to catch the moth several times, but were unable. They decided to remain absolutely still, let the moth relax and then catch it. Emily was prepared with a cup to capture the moth and in a few moments the moth landed and SWOOP! The moth was caught.

Emily held the cup tightly - not wanting to release the beast. They waited for while before they checked the cup and when they felt safe that they had crushed the moth when they caught it, they peeked in. He was lying still - they had conqured the Godzilla Moth! Emily wanted to photograph this - to prove to everyone what had attacked her.

As she peered in closer - GAH!!! It was still alive! The moth began thrashing around and escaped! He zoomed out and attempted one final attack. Emily was ready this time. He darted, she ducked, he zoomed and she grabbed her cup and- DONE! The Godzilla Moth was finally caught and for sure dead this time.

Emily was relieved to be done with it, but traumatized by what effects the attack had done to her. She couldn't stop itching, she could still hear the buzz of it's wings. She wanted to throw-up and cry at the same time.

To help you understand the size of the moth - Emily was kind enough to send me some pictures. We just have one right now, but we'll post the others very soon.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Oh, the places you'll go!

I wonder if Dr Seuss ever visited Utah County? It is possible – it could explain some of his characters in his books…
This Saturday I went down to Provo to visit a friend and go to a BBQ to celebrate her husband’s birthday and some other kid’s birthday. It’s a big party and I’ve been going to it for about three years now. I only know my friend Brenae and her husband – everyone else is new to me. When I arrived, I chatted with Brenae for a while and then I ended up chatting with her brothers (Austin and Alex) who I know a little. We sat down for dinner and a little while later this guy came over and asked if he and his friend could sit with us. We did our quick introductions and Zach, the new kid, thought my name was Erica. I corrected him and we moved on. Well about ten minutes later he called me Erica and I reminded him that it was Erin. I congratulated him on getting it close though. Well about 30 minutes later he went to get something to drink and offered to fill my glass up- “Hey Erica, can I get you a drink?” to which I replied “No, but you can get Erin a drink”. He apologized again, and filled up my drink. Well, over the next hour, he kept calling me Erica and I was sick of correcting him so I went along with it. By the end of the night, I had about 5 people calling me Erica. Well, as the night went on, Zach and I went our separate ways and didn’t talk much after that.

The party is wrapping up and I hear “Hey Erica, Erica!” I didn’t respond, because I had forgotten that I was Erica. He shouted it again and when I looked up he was waving goodbye. “Nice meeting you Erica – see you around”. (He also forgot that I lived in Salt Lake). I just waved and said goodnight. My friend had quite the confused look on her face and I had to quickly explain what was going on. What’s the point in correcting someone that you’re never going to see again?

Friday, June 20, 2008

Believe it or Not

I have amazing friends who are capable of doing amazings things and surviving amazing experiences. One of these people is Meg Hall, or as I call her - MegaDeath!

Meg has survived many situations that would have claimed some people's lives. I warn you now that one of these stories is not for the faint of heart. Please check back frequently for more Meg stories.

Did you hear that rip?
The setting: Grover, Utah - about two years ago.

Meg was down in Grover with some friends enjoying a nice weekend of camping. The trip had gone succesful for the most part, right up until that fateful moment. Meg and her friend went out on a Gator to ride around for a while. For those of you who don't know what a Gator is- it's a six-wheeler ATV. Meg and her friend get out on this Gator and spend some great time on it - being very safe responsible adults.

Well they turned a corner a little too fast and Meg wasn't paying attention so she had to brace herself quickly so she wouldn't fall off. Majority of her body leaned one way and Meg put her other leg down to try and stop herself from falling off the Gator. Before Meg knew what happened her leg was pulled inbetween the three wheels on one side and she was yanked off. Her body had turned into a wish bone. The majority of her body was still a top the Gator, but her leg was being pulled under the wheel and it basically made her do the splits - half on top of the gator the other half under the Gator.

Her friend quickly stopped the Gator to see what was going on. Meg was laying on the ground and not really sure what was going on. She was in extreme pain and her legs were throbbing.

Now, by some miracle, they happened to be near a girls camp site that had a paramedic in their group. He saw what happened and ran over to help. Meg was still unsure of exactly what was going on - she only knew she could barely move her legs.

As Meg was laying there, her friends were slowly making their way over to see what was going on and how they needed to help. One of Meg's friends was talking to her and Meg told her friend that she was embarassed because somehow during the accident she had peed her pants and she could feel the wetness on her legs and pants. Meg's friends face just froze and then explained to Meg that it was actually blood. From her waist down her legs, Meg was covered in blood. She was cut somewhere and was bleeding pretty bad.

They called for an ambulance and when they arrived they informed meg that they were going to have to cut her pants off so they could see where her cut was. Good ol' Meg was concerned that her new great jeans were going to be cut and ruined (she was still in shock and wasn't grasping what was going on). They realize that Meg's cut is more of a tear. Meg has torn herself from hole to hole (if you know what I mean).

She gets in the ambulance and heads for the hospital. She meets with the Dr and he breaks the news to her. Meg has suffered a level 6 episiotomy! Guys, if you don't know what this is, ask a girl. Girls - I'm sure you're all crossing your legs right about now.

Meg was speechless. When she was pulled under the Gator and the wishbone effect happened - it literally tore her in half.

Meg was a trooper though. She was lifeflighted back to Salt Lake and was treated here and then put on heavy restrictions. She could barely walk, her legs looked like someone has beaten them with a bat and she really couldn't sit down. She was basically on bed rest for the first few weeks.

For those of you who know Meg - this is only one of her amazing stories and she tells this one much better. For those who know her really well and got to her legs after the accident -well, we all said our prayers that night and expressed gratitude for our ability to walk and sit down.

Meg eventually healed and we were able to take advantage of her handicap parking pass that she had for several months till she was able to handle walking long distances. Meg, you're one tough chick!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


I started a new job a little over a month ago, with Myriad Pharmaceuticals. Well, about a week into my job I had an interesting experience in the break room. I took a late lunch and ended up being the only person in the break room. I sat down and started eating and reading my book. Twenty minutes later this lady walked in and sat directly across from me. Now keep in mind that the entire room is empty with about 6 tables to choose from and she chooses to sit in front of me. I look up and say hello and she doesn't say anything back. I go back to my book, but I keep glancing up to look at the lady. She isn't eating, drinking, reading - she's doing nothing. She's just sitting there and staring out the window behind me. She sometimes closes her eyes and takes deep breaths, and then just stares back out the window. Well a few more people come in the break room but she doesn't look at them and they don't look at her; but every time I move my head, she follows where I'm looking. This goes on for about twenty minutes and then she gets up and leaves.

I was left kind of speechless. Why would this lady come in and choose to sit directly across from me? I circled the floor trying to find her to make sure she was real, but I could never find her.

About a week later I was back in the break room eating lunch and the lady comes in again! This time she sits across from me, but just to the side, and does the same thing. Just stares out the window and takes deep breaths and closes her eyes. I said hello again, and she said nothing.

After this encounter I'm 90% sure that she's a ghost. A former employee of Myriad that was killed in a freak drug experiment and now she stalks the new employees to warn them. I circled the building again, but I still never found her. I was never able to see her when other people were around so I could never confirm whether or not she was real.

Well, this past week I went into the break room at an earlier time and who did I see - the ghost! She was sitting a table with 5 other girls. I decided I would watch her every move so I could see if she talked to people and if people acknowledged her. She was leaning into the group and listening to their conversation, but she wasn't talking. None of the girls in the group were talking directly to her either. As they finished their lunch and headed out of the room, I kept watching to see if they would wait for her and walk back to their desks together. They all filed out, but not one looked to make sure she was following them and when they reached the door to their desks they didn't hold the door for her.

I'm convinced that she's a ghost - I've never seen her talk to anyone or anyone talk to her. I only see her in the break room and I never see her eating.

My goal is to get a picture of her and see if she "materializes" on film. As soon as I have this picture, I'll post it!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


So, this is the third blog I've created, because somehow with all the other blogs I created, I wasn't able to edit them... I always thought I was tech savvy, but obviously not.  Please be patient while I get my site updated from my old ones.