Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Doin' it our way!

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The One Where She Cried, Uncontrollably

I love music and I especially love seeing bands perform live. Last night my friends and I went to the Keane concert, and I was not disappointed –but for more than one reason.

Two bands opened for Keane; first it was Helio Sequence, a band from Oregon that I enjoyed. Next was Matt Kearney! I love Matt Kearney and I could have listened to another hour of him. One of my favorite moments of the night was when he said “You write these songs and you put your heart and soul into them. And then people set Dr’s making out to your music” (referring to Grey’s Anatomy of course). I thought it was hilarious and giggled quite a bit. Matt Kearney has such a great voice and he’s sounds amazing live. The only down side – Matt’s pants are too tight. I don’t get why boys feel the need to wear tight, skinny jeans. It’s not healthy and it’s not attractive – even girls look ridiculous in skinny jeans. Perhaps I’m jealous, but I’m still right.

Well as Matt Kearney ended, we had about 15 minutes while they set up for Keane. A lady came and sat in the row in front of us, all alone. She came over and talked to me for a minute about my necklace and said things like “I noticed it during the break and I’ve been mesmerized by it all night long.” I was flattered and taken back by her words.

Keane came out and started off with several upbeat, fun songs. We danced, sang along and cheered. After 3 songs the band chatted with the audience and the lady in front of us started chanting “Bedshaped! Bedshaped! Beeedshaaaaaped!” (a popular song of theirs). While she’s chanting this, she’s running her fingers through her hair, rubbing her neck and her sides. She was thoroughly enjoying this concert and we couldn’t help but stare and laugh. Keane did not play that song, but went on to play others. Our new friend went with the flow and just kept singing and dancing. We looked over at noticed there were tears on her cheeks. Surely that’s just sweat, right? No! Tears. Real tears on her cheeks!

We watch her off and on and during the next song we see her hang her head down for a few moments and when she stands back up, she’s sobbing! This woman is so moved by them that she can’t help but cry. I appreciate music, but I’ve never cried at a concert; although I did come close while at Coldplay and a few DMB concerts. Keane is a decent band, but cry-worthy? No.

For the next 30 minutes she cries and dances, calling out “Keane!”. The concert ends, we shout encore, and they come back out. They start their encore song, and what song do they choose? Bedshaped. She can’t control herself at this point –she rushes the stage. She’s down there dancing and singing and I’m watching every moment and loving it. As the song comes to and end, she is doubled over, crying. She can’t even stand up. The show is over, the house lights are up and everyone is leaving. Being the horrible person I am, I asked my friends to wait because I wanted to see what was going to happen with this lady. She started walking back to her seat, but she had to hold onto the chairs on her way back up. People are starting to think she’s hurt and they are asking her if they can help her in anyway. She gets back to her seat, where she sits down and begins to calm down.

I know it’s awful to laugh at people, but I couldn’t help myself. I’ve never seen anyone so overcome with emotion. I thought only the Beatles elicited this type of behavior.

Oh, and if I thought Matt Kearney’s pants were tight, they were nothing compared to the lead singers of Keane! Wowsa!

So what have we learned? Nothing really. Just that ladies in there 40 - 50’s love Keane and can’t control themselves.

Women's Conference

Tradition! (raising arms in air)

I attended Women’s Conference again this year with my sisters, sister-in-law, aunt and three cousins. We’ve been doing this for several years, and while I tend to hate Provo, I love Women’s Conference. I’m not sure why I hate Provo. It may be the fact that everyone there jogs; everywhere! Swerve an inch and you’ll hit a jogger. I blame it on the fact that everything is banned in Provo and some additional reasons for why they jog, but I won't share them here.. (I may be confusing Provo with the small town portrayed in Footloose, but really, is there a big difference?)

I love going to Women’s Conference because it gives me a chance to just hang out with my family and have fun. I of course love the classes and I do learn neat things; but I just love being able to get away for three days and just have fun.

The past few times I’ve gone to Women’s Conference I always check out the art they have on sale. Last year I purchased this painting of the temple, by Sandra Rast. I was so excited to see this painting on sale. I’d been eyeing it for a year or so and here it was, matted, framed, signed by the artist and on sale. Without even thinking, I bought it and then had to figure out how I’d get it home (It’s quite a large print). Luckily the husbands drove up to pick up my mom and sister and join us for dinner so I was able to stash the painting in my back seat. There are so many things I love about this painting. The visual of the temple standing out amidst the dark clouds and rain, the mother walking with her daughter on the temple grounds, the reflection of the temple in the puddles… I just love it.

Well this year was no different. I skipped a class and went to the book store to browse the art work and meet the artists. I met these two wonderful sisters and ended up purchasing work from each of them. I first purchased two prints from Emily McPhie – “In the Strength of the Lord” and “Big Apron, Little Girl”. If you have a chance to read Emily’s blog, she does a great job of explaining In the Strength of the Lord and what everything in the skirt means. I absolutely loved it and I can’t wait to frame it! She also had this great picture of a girl in a pink dress with an angel and devil on each side of her, but I couldn’t justify the $400 asking price.

Cassandra Barney was the other artist and I’m on the waiting list for this print. Click on the third print – the red ballet shoes. These two sisters were so much fun to talk with and hear them explain how they were inspired to create these paintings.

I always leave Women’s Conference energized, pumped, and determined to do good! I love the boost it gives me! I’m already eagerly awaiting next years conference.