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Who's the Boss?

I believe that each of us are with our specific parents for a reason - that Heavenly Father placed us with those parents who could best help us, compliment us, assist us and love us. 

I feel very fortunate to be with the family I have, especially my dad. My dad has always been and always will be the the role model and example of a worthy Priesthood holder, a supportive husband and a loving father that I look up to and will compare my future companion to. 

I have a lot of great memories of my dad; but one of my favorites is Saturday mornings as a kid. My siblings and I all have a love for good cartoons and back in the day Bugs Bunny and friends ran Saturday mornings in our house. We would get up early and head down to watch our cartoons - soon my dad was close behind helping us pour bowls of cereal and sitting down and watching cartoons with us.  To this day my dad will sit down with the grandkids and watch an episode of Bugs Bunny or any other Looney Toons video. I have so many memories of us sitting on the couch and laughing with dad. 

As I got older I became more aware of just how much I needed my dad. Growing up I was always given a Father's Blessing from my dad before school started, or for something else that was challenging me. When I moved to Logan for school it was just the same - he pulled me aside gave me a blessing and then moved me up to school. A few months later I was making some big decisions and my natural instinct was to have my dad give me a blessing, but he wasn't down the hallway anymore. There were times where I'd have a hard day and need someone to make me laugh or tell me to calm down and I began to realize that whenever I had weighty matters on my mind I'd take them to my dad. Sometimes indirectly and others very blatant. I never realized how much I sought out his guidance until I didn't have it around me all the time.  But what I did have with me were all the lessons my dad had taught me along the way - I just needed to recall them.  

It's been a joy to watch him help my siblings along they way too as they start their own families. They still call him and visit him to get his input and council because they respect him and love him. 

I've noticed too how many things I've adopted in my life that I took from my dad. My love of music, love of sports (Jazz and Nascar), desire to increase my knowledge (spiritual and temporal), a smirk/smile when I'm trying to hide something, a certain stuborness and independence. The list goes on and on. 

My dad is the best! He's an amazing father, husband, grandpa and person and I feel fortunate and spoiled to have him. 

I love you Dad!


Beth and Jess said…
Awwww!!! That is so sweet. I love your dad too. This was such a nice post. sniff sniff. :)
Charity said…
I am lucky to get to share him with you! Nice post!!
David and Julie said…
You write things so well. Awesome post! We are very lucky to have our dad. He is amazing!

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