Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ode to my mom

One of the great things about entering adulthood is that you develop a new relationship with your parents. When I was a child my mother was the constant loving, attentive mother who was there to help me, discipline me, love me, play with me, and teach me.  As I entered into my teen years she was still there, but as more of an enforcer - not in a bad way - but in the way a teenager needs their mom to be. She asked the questions "Who? When? Where? Why? How late?", she waited up till she heard me come home from late night activities, she soothed me when my fragile, ridiculous teenage heart was broken, and, most importantly, she would always scratch my back during church.

A few more years passed and I "grew up", went off to college and found myself applying all the things I had learned from her.  I was able to clean a house (didn't mean it was always clean, but I could do it), prepare a meal, sew a button, etc. How many times had I whined when she made me do those things as a kid? I always thought it was such a waste of my time.

Looking back, those are some of the moments I treasure most - helping her in the kitchen, learning how to iron, going for bike rides, and putting up Christmas decorations.  Now that I'm more of an adult we have an amazingly strong relationship. I tell her everything, we go out to dinner and movies, go shopping, to the temple, etc.  My mom is a great example to me. She is a loving person and always wants to help other people. She loves the gospel and has a strong testimony about our Savior, His plan, and the Book of Mormon. She loves to learn and is constantly reading, attending religious classes, and learning new skills and talents.  She has a deep, intense love for her family and expresses it frequently; none of us wonder if mom loves us, her daily actions prove it. I then watched her heart grow to a whole new level when she became a grandmother. My mom was meant to be a grandma. She has the perfect attitude and demeanor for it. She loves to plan sleep overs, picnics, holiday activities, family dinners - you name it, she does it.

If I ever have the wonderful opportunity to become a mother, I only hope I can be like my mom.

I love you mom!


David and Julie said...

I just got teary eyed reading that. Our mom is the best! We definitely have so many fun memories and so many more to come with her. I agree with all of it, especially the part of her being a grandma. She is fantastic! I love you mom!

Charity said...

Couldn't agree more! Your Mom is the best!!! I hope you are as lucky as I am to have the best MIL ever!!

Mick and Tiff said...

Hey I just realized we have the same smart mind.. I posted on my blog yesterday with the title of Ode to Mothers.... How funny!

I agree though- your mom is a pretty great lady. Hope your mom had a great Mothers Day.

Have fun tomorrow!